This is a living document where I list the products and services that are part of my everday life, inspired by Wes Bos. So often I wish people would just come out and say what products and services they are using. My anxiety levels spike thinking about the time and money I've wasted getting it wrong, so when I find something that works for me I want to tell everyone about it.

Some of the links below are affiliate links which means I get paid or rewarded in some way if you use them to purchase, but rest assured I do genuinely use and love all of these products and services.

Tech and Coding

  • 13" Macbook Pro with touchbar (Late 2016)

    I fell for touch id marketing and even though it's nice to unlock my laptop in a second I think my previous Macbbook pro was a better laptop. Still, this does the job and my next laptop will still be a Mac.

  • Sublime Text

    It was the first text editor I used, and I'm not sure if it's an anchoring effect but I am so comfortable with the simplicity of Sublime. Some days I will use Atom but I always end up coming back to Sublime.

  • Chrome

    I like Chrome for browsing and am sure I could improve my experience with a few extensions. As far as developing goes, Google Inspect is so much easier to use for me than Firefox. I do really enjoy using the Brave browser and use it as an alternative for browsing when I don't want Facebook following me around the internet.

  • Notion

    I have been using Notion for over a year and it is everything I wish Evernote was. Beyond that I use it for everything, whether it's for business or personal. The minimalist interface makes me want to write and spend time in the app, which syncs seamlessly across desktop and mobile.


  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    I have been using Photoshop and Illustrator to create graphics, images, and logos for ecommerce business over the last 5 years. Recently I have been playing around with Premier Pro for video editing and Audition for podcast editing and have found the process to be less painful than I expected - thanks in large part to the thousands of instructional Youtube videos floating around. I also like wireframing with XD and have found it to be the only wireframning program/tool that I actually go back to and keep using.

  • Shopify

    As for as ecommerce goes, Shopify is hands-down the best option if you are selling physical products. There is a reason that it is the CMS of choice for every funded DTC coming out of New York. While it can catch flack for the cost of apps that integrate into stores - which can range from $5 - $35 a month for usefull apps - a vanilla version of Shopify has 90% of the functionality that you need to create a great DTC store. My favourite thing about Shopify is how easy it is to build and customise themes with their starter theme and liquid templaing language.


  • Zoom H6 Portable Recorder

    I love how easy to use this recorder is. You will figure it out in two minutes, the quality with mics is great, and the fact that it is portable offers a lot of flexibility. The only downsize is running through batteries quickly because I use it so much.

  • Canon G7X Mark II

    The most popular vlogging camera around and for good reason. It's so easy to use. I can't live without the flip-up screen. My only criticism is the battery life, so I always keep a spare charged when I'm filming.

  • LaCie Rugged 2TB External Portable Hard Drive

    This purchase was influenced by Casey Neistat who records more than any person on the planet (best guess). I haven't had any problems with it, and will keep adding more to my collection.


  • Everlane 365 Fleece Crew

    I live in my husband's clothing. This is my favourite jumper and I would happily wear it everyday. It withstands a weekly wash better everything else I own and hasn't faded or pilled with months of wear.

  • Everlane Day Square Tote

    I'm sure that Megan Markle and Angelina Jolie have both been spotted with this bag, or the larger size. The quality is great, this size is perfect for my frame (5ft2") and the price point means I don't stress out about keeping it in perfect condition as it goes from a work bag, to a baby bag, to a weekend bag. I'm a fan of everything Everlane does with leather, and also love my tassel loafers that I bought a few years ago.