"The Tea"

"The Tea" is a story about a company and a founder. The company is OMGTEA and the founder is me — well, not me exactly — "Sophie". Shortly after starting my company, in a nod to Benjamin Franklin's Silence Dogood, I created an online pseudonym that allowed me to better connect with customers and build relationships without having to reveal my true identity.

Unlike so many people in this world who have fallen under the spell of social media, I had no desire to build up any sort of online presence or following — "Sophie" did the work for me. While my customers couldn't connect with the brand I tried to create, they were able to connect with Sophie. As my company's sales grew, Sophie became the sole point of contact for all customer interactions. In many ways, Sophie became the brand.

In writing this series, I knew that it would be necessary for me to step out from the shadow cast by the pseudonym I created all those years ago. As much as I would rather retain some sense of anonymity, the beauty of the internet is that my true identity is just a Google search away.

My real name is Alisha — a name that has an even smaller online footprint than the online persona I created and nurtured for so long. I know long-form reading has very much gone out of fashion, but if you would like to know more about me, you will have to read my words.

This isn't a guide that will help you get rich quick. I don't have a roadmap for success. All I have is a story. My only hope is that someone, somewhere, will find something of value in my words. A modest goal that, for whatever reason, fulfils me in a way that the pure pursuit of money never did.

If you would like to get in touch please email dotalisha@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading.

February 2019
Auckland, New Zealand