📬 The best contact form for JAMstack websites

The Pain Point

Static websites have changed web development for me in the best way. The JAMstack landscape has grown so much over the past year or two. And still, my biggest pain point with static sites is handling forms.

My latest project is a website for a real estate agency. The contact form is critical as the 'Call to Action' on the agency website. While my preference is to always build a static site over using a CMS option like Wordpress or Squarespace, I could only move forward with a static site if I was happy with the contact form solution.

Over the last few years I have used static sites for personal sites, coding projects, and landing pages. For those sorts of sites, any form is 100 times better than a 'mailto' link. I have been happy enough using the FormSpree 'free' plan for the last few years. For an agency website, it's a different story. I need a lot more certainty around form submissions.

The (Best) Solution

Kwes Forms was the solution I was hoping for. Kwes Forms treat forms like the star of your site, not an afterthought. It makes perfect sense - contact forms turn prospects into clients, or browsers into buyers.

The onboarding experience with Kwes Forms is beginner friendly. I was prompted to add small snippets of code over 5 steps. The whole process took a few minutes. Once I was up and running I felt confident customising the form to go beyond the standard 'Name, Email, Message' format.

The Kwes dashboard is exactly the kind of peace of mind I was looking for. Knowing that there is a record of every submission stored with Kwes, means that I can log in to the dashboard to keep track of submissions rather than fishing through my inbox constantly. Another highlight for me was the customised notification emails you can create to go with your forms. It's the little touches that make the experience go from developer-friendly to client-friendly. Most developer solutions can't be handed off to the client... but this could be.

Going forward I'll be using Kwes Forms on all of my sites, for personal use and for clients. I have a bunch of ideas for the real estate agency website about how to use the different components to build out forms that go beyond the standard "get in touch" form that I've started with. I will keep updating this post with the different forms I use. Stay tuned.

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